Teknoka provides in depth economic analysis of an investment project to determine the optimum path that benefits realization of the best ROI.

By TeknoKA’s Feasibility Analysis services, the long-term revenue generation potential of the project is examined, including both tangible and intangible elements. Additional technical or social analysis are conducted depending on clients’ specific needs. A comprehensive financial breakdown of the project’s anticipated funding and revenue generation opportunities (including rates of return, capital investments, payback periods, etc.) over the lifespan of the project are analyzed.

By financial modelling, a projection of short and long term ability of the project to bring value to the investor is examined in detail.

TeknoKA’s agile financial modelling enables investors to evaluate their investments with respect to different scenarios involving technical, social, economic or political risks. Also, investment alternatives are compared in terms of projected IRR under different circumstances by the use of this modelling.

Financial model established serves both internally as a base for project budget and revenue estimation, and also serves a base for due diligence reports and financial loans for projects.